What Are You Good At?

People often find it difficult to identify their place of relevance or what they are good at. Everyone is good at something, we only need to identify it, grow and become the best at it through perseverance, practice, patience among other things.

Someone says, I do not know what I am good at or I can’t identify what I am good at. In answering that question, here is a starting point – Identify that thing/talent you seemingly do with ease and with little or no training. Some people find it easy organising people or events, others are good at teaching, others creative arts, others construction or generally good with their hands. So, dig deep and identify that area you are good at, that thing you are happy doing and could even do it without getting paid. You can also do it all day long and not really get tired. 

Once you have identified it, ask yourselves these questions. Can you turn it into an enterprise? Is it scalable? Is there a market for it? Do I have the requisite skills? Is it a product or a service? Just to mention a few. If you can answer ‘YES’ to all these questions or most of it, then you have a base to build on.

Do your research and acquire the skills you need. If it is a service offering, take your time to build and perfect your skills. Money should not be a limiting factor. Take advantage of the free resources available online, attend free seminars on business management and entrepreneurship or other relevant ones, get a business leader or successful individual in your desired area to mentor you. Do not let a few ‘NOs’ deter you. Keep pushing until you become the best at what you do. It may not be easy but practice, practice and practice. Do not be in a hurry to show yourself to the world until you are comfortable you are near an expert, can outperform most people out there offering the same thing and or until an opportunity presents itself. Take Jesus as a case in point, He waited for the right time to launch His ministry post developing Himself when He tuned 30, why shouldn’t you do the same.

Once you are ready to present yourself and start your enterprise, be sure you have done your research about your niche market, what the competition is doing and price entry point, then develop strategy on how you intend to position yourself, market penetration and marketing etc. 

Just like the bible says, you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all Judea, in Samaria and to the ends of the earth. One strategy for market penetration is to identify your Jerusalem which could be your immediate family or your neighbourhood or community. Then extend to your Judea, Samaria before the whole world. 

Someone would say, I have done everything right, I have developed my skills and even done all the right things and yet, I just haven’t broken through and I’m not sure what else to do. Don’t forget there is a place for grace as His word says, the battle is not to the strong nor race to the swift but God that shows mercies. 

Get yourself ready, identify that thing you are good at that gives you an edge above others. Acquire and hone your skills, do your research, define your strategy then position yourself and seize opportunities that come your way prayerfully for those who are led of God are the children of God. Above all, remain in God’s will for your life and commit your plans onto the Lord and He shall direct your path. 


Bro. Ezekiel