Very long time ago, on my dad's sick bed and shortly before he died, he made a negative pronouncement concerning my properties. I didn't think much about it then. In fact I forgot all about it. Recently, issues came up with the properties and the Holy Spirit reminded me of the pronouncement. I became worried and anxious. On Sunday 25th April, before his message, Our Pastor made an altar call for prayers concerning long-term issues and I responded. As he prayed and I touched his hand, I felt light and relieved. I felt something shifted! That night I had a dream. As I was washing my hands, a black ring like a fetish ring came off my right ring finger. The day after, I woke up saying to some people, "come, I have found what we are looking for". Since then, I have been peaceful, no anxiety or worries because I believe that the snare has been broken. I give all glory to God. I also thank the Pastor for the Spirit of obedience upon his life, because he said he was led to pray that morning.
Olayinka Oyefeso


Having an encounter with Jesus is an absolute life changing experience. Getting to know him, hear his voice and follow his leading is what brings eternal peace and resolution to all of lives challenges. In Matthew 11:28, he says ‘’come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.’’ There is more to knowing Christ than just overcoming life’s challenges. What he gives is the peace that surpasses all human understanding. He openly received us just as we are in his loving arms. The exciting part is that he is the one who finds you and relieves you of all that guilt, pain, and shame that you feel. He takes away all your burdens and is willing to teach you to know his ways. He does not let you figure things out on your own when he brings you safely to his kingdom. In Matthew 11:29-30, he lets us understand that he is a patient, loving and caring friend. Not only does he take away your burdens, but he teaches you his ways with all gentleness, kindness, and patience. ‘’Take my yoke upon you. let me teach you because I am humble and gentle at heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.’’

This has been my experience with Christ, he took away every burden and gave me eternal rest on all sides. Waking up every morning and going to bed with peace knowing that he is the guardian of my soul and watches over me. All this could not have been possible without the impeccable support I received in the Healing Room and from pastors of New Covenant Church, Bermondsey. In a period where there was lock down and working in the health sector under COVID-19 pressure, God still showed his faithfulness.

Early this year between January and March 2021, I experienced bouts of depression and anxiety, sleepless nights, hospital admissions, sick leave, isolated in my room without knowing what my fate would be. I almost forgot what my real experience with Christ was when I first became born again in April 2020. I had drifted away from his love, but he was still there watching over me. In those days when I was locked away in tears, all I could remember was calling on the name of Jesus, singing or reading the Bible. Anytime I called on his name he was there to answer and give me the peace that I cried out for.

The Healing Room sessions was where my turn around encounter began and my journey to complete freedom. There were counselling sessions, healing and deliverance classes that helped me know my right in Christ. I began to know who the Holy Spirit is, and he took me on that amazing journey to know Jesus. He said many amazing things to me that lifted my spirit and I knew that God is a kind and loving Father that wants the best for us. He asked me ‘’do you love Jesus?’’ and on the final healing session he said ‘’your mind is free, your mind is the mind of Christ.’’

The Holy Spirit also revealed to me that God has amazing plans and wanted me to use my talents and gifts in service to him. Being someone who is multitalented, it was exciting to know that I could be of service to God, and he wanted to use me for his glory. I also received an amazing miracle in one of the healing sessions. One of my shoulder was slightly bent but Jesus in all his glory made it straight and I began to walk upright. I experienced more of God and his amazing wonders. The sleepless nights, crying, depression, anxiety and pain were all over. It has been less than 3 months since the first deliverance session, and my peace has been completely restored.

During this period, I put into practice all that I learnt from the Healing School and deliverance classes. I began to study at least one chapter of the Bible daily from Mathew chapter one, sang worship and praises to God most of the day, confessed the word, prayed one hour in the Spirit daily, engaged in Bible study and fellowship, read Christian books, listened to Christian messages from renowned men of God, and also engaged in recreational activities. I asked the holy spirit for wisdom and guidance to discover myself in Christ just as I was advised in the last healing session. I got myself a journal which I used to reflect and meditate more on the word of God. I began to utilise my God given talents, got back my bubbly cheerful self and had friends from the young adult group who made meaning to my life.
Ayomide Salau