Southwark Council Update - 11 May 2020

Reopening Southwark’s Reuse and Recycling Centre


In line with updated government guidance we will be re-opening the Reuse and Recycling Centre from 14th May onwards, to accept a restricted range of materials. The centre will be operating in line with Government guidance which requires social distancing to be in place for resident and staff safety. The council website has full details of what material will be accepted.


To use the recycling centre, residents must obtain a free permit through the council’s website for a date and time of visit. Demand is expected to be high, and residents will not be admitted without a permit, or outside the times of any permit they have been issued. Council enforcement staff will be present to prevent unauthorised access, and help manage queuing.

Transport social distancing measures

The council has introduced social distancing measures on Rye Lane, Walworth Road and Lordship Lane so that people can pass each other; queue for shops and exercise at a safe distance. Further measures may be needed as more shops, businesses and premises reopen, so we will continue monitoring the situation.

We want to work with residents, businesses and visitors to use this opportunity to ensure we continue to retain as many transport health and environmental benefits as possible, after lockdown. Our two primary objectives are:

maximise pedestrian space within the public highway to help people pass each other and queue, whilst adhering to the government’s social distancing rules

provide measures to make it easier to walk, cycle and use public transport, whilst removing through traffic, as the lockdown is lifted


The Department for Transport has also published statutory guidance for councils on reallocating road space to encourage cycling and walking, and to enable social distancing in response to coronavirus. 


Environment and leisure


·      Noise and nuisance

The Noise Team have received 126 complaints over the last 4 days. Friday and Saturday received the largest number of concerns. Music, dogs barking and domestic noise made up a significant element of complaints.  There have been some issues with Deliveroo drivers causing a nuisance which has been addressed with Deliveroo.


·      Anti-social behaviour

317 cases dealt with by the ASB unit since 1/4/20. A number of legal actions are being taken against problem dwellings including closures orders.


·      Trading Standards

Officers continue to deliver the new duties and powers for Regulatory Services. The vast majority of business premises continue to remain compliant with the new regulations. Regarding social distancing, on-site Health & Safety advice and enforcement patrols by enforcement professionals also commenced this week.


Domestic abuse and homelessness


The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has announced charities can bid for a share of £10 million funding to support victims of domestic abuse. The funding will support domestic abuse safe accommodation services who not only provide beds, but also offer the critical help victims and their children need.


Domestic abuse safe accommodation providers within England are encouraged to apply. Bids should be submitted by 21 May 2020. Details and application form can be found here.


£16 million for food charities


At the daily press briefing on the 08 May, the Environment Secretary announced up to £16 million to provide food for those who are struggling as a result of coronavirus. The programme will provide millions of meals over the next 12 weeks and be delivered through charities including FareShare and WRAP. At least 5,000 frontline charities and community groups in England will benefit, including refuges, homeless shelters and rehabilitation services. It will cover rural areas as well as cities, targeting those who are struggling to get food.


TfL announces safe travel plan


Following the Government’s announcement of an outline roadmap for the next period, Transport for London (TfL) today set out its initial plan to support this and help Londoners who need to travel do so safely and sustainably. This will be supplemented over the coming days following advice on travel to be issued by Government:


·      Londoners must continue working from home wherever possible to enable safe journeys for those who cannot do so

·      Those who need to travel asked to review their journeys where possible: use existing or newly introduced walking and cycling options and ‘shop local’ to relieve pressure on public transport. Public transport should be avoided wherever possible

·      Employers urged to help their staff avoid travelling at the busiest times of day 

·      Face coverings should be used, rigorous cleaning regimes, hand sanitiser points and operational changes at stations to help keep everyone safe

·      National requirement to maintain 2 metre distance between passengers wherever possible means public transport will operate very differently to before the pandemic

·      Challenge is far greater than the 2012 Olympic Games, with the need to reduce pre-COVID demand on buses and Tube by over 85 per cent

Southwark Council Update - 7 May 2020

Camberwell New Cemetery open for VE Day


Camberwell New Cemetery is currently closed for funerals during the week but we will open the main front gates tomorrow, VE Day, for those wishing to pay respects to war veterans who were laid to rest there. As usual, stewards will be patrolling cemeteries tomorrow and this weekend on an observational basis and reporting issues to a single point of contact.


Young Advisors


Southwark’s team of Young Advisors have produced several short videos for young people on the importance of complying with COVID-19 Public Health guidelines. These videos are available on the Young Advisors’ Facebook page and have also been shared on the Southwark Council Facebook page. The team are in the process of planning for post lockdown interventions on the street with young people.


Noise and Nuisance and ASB


The Noise Team have received 85 complaints over the last 3 days. Noise officers continue to patrol in vehicles observing for social distancing concerns and other ASB/noise issues

A number of warning letters have been sent and community protection warnings issued


Discussions have been held with Community Safety Partnerships on emerging youth/gang violence issues. Possible brothel and human trafficking issues being investigated with police in Camberwell taking place in one venue. Drugs continue to feature highly in community concerns. 243 anti-social behaviour reports have been managed since 1/4/2020.


Trading Standards


The Health & Safety team have received a template from HSE for enforcement of social distancing within business premises permitted to continue to operate and enforcement site visits have started. Trading Standards officers have commenced on site enforcement for business closures, particularly regarding mobile phone shops, beauty salons, hairdressers and barbers. Premises with multiple functions, including some which are permitted and some not, cause repeated reports from the public whilst being mainly compliant. Faith premises have been found to be fully compliant.


Updates from the Met Police




Disappointingly, speeds have increased in London in all categories from 20 to 70mph, and police officers have issued more than 4,000 enforcement notices across the capital since lockdown – an increase of 71 per cent increase compared with the same period in 2019 despite 40 per cent less traffic on the road. The police are urging drivers to slow down ahead of the bank holiday weekend.


Hate Crime


There has not been a particularly significant increase in hate crime since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, some communities have been targeted because of the virus. These incidents have involved the use of aggressive and offensive language both in the real world and online and physical violence in a small number of cases. These types of crimes are deplorable, and the police continue to monitor these incidents and direct resources accordingly. The police continue to work closely with a range of community partners to tackle hate crime by engaging with affected communities, supporting victims, and bringing prosecutions where appropriate.


Online Child Abuse and Exploitation


The Met’s Online Child Abuse and Exploitation Unit has arrested 45 suspected offenders and safeguarded almost 100 children during the four weeks since the UK went into lockdown. The statistics reveal that 92 children were protected and 68 warrants executed over the month from 23 March, when the government ordered the new ‘stay at home’ measures, up to 23 April. An average of ten new live investigations have been launched every week as a result of the 45 arrests over the same period. Further information about these statistics are available online.